Massage Treatments

If you’re feeling stressed, tired or achy what could be better than a massage?

Give yourself permission to tune out of life and take some time to reconnect with your body. From a deep tissue massage to combat niggling aches and pains, to a soothing aromatherapy massage treatment that will stay with you all day.

Have a read through the list below and see what you fancy.

Holistic massage
(£55 for 60 minutes / £75 for 90 minutes)

A holistic massage focuses entirely on you and what you would like to achieve from it. It is a personalised massage, making it highly effective as I can tailor it to your individual situation.

We’ll begin by talking about your emotional wellbeing as well as any physical aches and pains you’d like to address. We’ll then discuss what you hope to get out of the session. The treatment will draw from many techniques such as light, soothing movements, breath work and deep tissue massage, depending on the outcome we’re looking for.

Holistic massage is for you… if you feel under stress (either physical or emotional) and know that it is impacting your body, leaving you feeling tense, stiff or generally run down.

Deep tissue massage
(£55 for 60 minutes)

During a deep tissue massage we can really get to the bottom of things. By focusing on the deeper layers of muscle using slow movements, I can help to release trigger points, or knots. While blood flow will increase to eliminate toxins and boost your immune system. Some people worry that a deep tissue massage will hurt. Deep doesn’t necessarily mean lots of pressure, but it is true that there can be a little discomfort. By working closely with you and asking for your feedback I will make sure we work with your body, not against it, to help it begin its healing process.

Deep tissue massage is for you… if you have an existing injury or condition that causes you pain or discomfort. Deep tissue massage can provide great relief for sore, aching muscles and joints.

Indian head massage
(£35 for 30 minutes)

An Indian head massage is a slightly different type of massage. You remain seated, and clothed if you wish, and I concentrate on your upper back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp. This is a wonderfully relaxing way to release pent up tension as I focus on this smaller area. As this is a shorter massage, why not pop in during your lunch break? Don’t worry, I don’t tend to use much oil, so you’ll be in a perfectly fit state to head back to the office afterwards.

Indian head massage is for you… if you sit at a desk all day, tend to feel stiff across your neck and shoulders, or suffer from tension headaches.

 Hot stone therapy
(£60 for 60 minutes / £80 for 90 minutes)

Hot stone therapy, or hot stone massage, is a deeply relaxing treatment that can be used to soothe your entire body, as well as targeting problem areas. Aside from making you feel like you’ve been transported to an ancient world, the heat of the stones has a practical use in increasing blood flow and warming the muscles to relax them quicker, ready for treatment. This luxurious massage will leave you totally relaxed, rested and ready to face the rest of your day at a slightly slower pace.

Hot stone therapy is for you… if you enjoy sheer indulgence and fancy something a little different. A hot stone massage makes a wonderful gift for someone special.

Aromatherapy massage
(£55 for 60 minutes / £75 for 90 minutes)

An aromatherapy massage treatment has a wonderful whole body healing quality thanks to the use of essential oils on the skin. It is gentle, but firm. We’ll talk about how you’re feeling, how you want to be feeling and the kinds of scents you like. I will then choose the perfect blend of aromatherapy oils to give you a massage experience that’ll stay with you for the rest of your day. You might choose relaxing, sedative oils, or energising, invigorating ones. And you’ll even get to take some of the oil home with you at the end of your session.

Aromatherapy massage is for you… if you’re feeling burnt out and need some time to recharge your batteries, or if you’ve been suffering with sleep problems.

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I came home after my treatment last night and collapsed into bed. Cath’s massage therapy worked wonders. Slept like a log for the first time in years. Thanks for that, it was amazing.   

Ron, Bristol