Escape from reality
with a relaxing massage

“Kind, thoughtful and caring. A very relaxing massage.”

– Jo, Bristol

When was the last time you sat down and did nothing? I don’t mean when you were driving to work, or while you were watching a film. I mean the last time you stopped, focused on yourself and just took some deep breaths.

Real life won’t stop racing along, rushing you from one thing to the next. It won’t hand you an invite to take some time out. It’s up to you to make time and to prioritise your own health and wellbeing.

Imagine if you took some time to check-in with your body. What would it say to you?

A relaxing massage that’ll make time stand still

After 6 years as a massage therapist, and a whole heap of qualifications, I make it my mission to give you the kind of relaxing massage I would like to receive myself. You’ll never feel like you’re on a conveyor belt, being hurried in and out to vacate the room in time for the next slot. I take time. I get to know you and your body and I really care about giving you the best massage I can.

An experienced massage therapist with a caring touch

Touch is such an important and powerful thing. It helps us to feel connected, safe and secure.

Studying massage and holistic therapies has allowed me to explore ways to use the power of touch to help people with their aches and pains. I love the learning process. I love improving. And I love being able to evaporate worries and cares, even if just for one blissful hour.

My clients report that they leave feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to rejoin real life.

“Cath has healing hands. Highly recommended!”

-Tracey, Bristol

A highly qualified professional

Through regular and ongoing study I’ve honed advanced skills in deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, Indian head massage and Reflexology as well as other complementary therapies. I’ve also trained in counselling skills and delivering massage to people with Dementia. This means I am able to recognise and respond sensitively and appropriately to clients with mental health needs.

What’s more, you can be assured of the safety of any treatment you receive. As an experienced massage therapist I am fully insured as a professional member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Which massage should you choose?

Take some time to think about how a massage could benefit you. Do you need a deep tissue massage to tackle a long-standing injury? Or a soothing aromatherapy treatment to calm your mind? Or perhaps you just fancy treating yourself to an utterly relaxing massage with hot stones.

Browse my list of massage treatments to find out more about the therapies on offer.

Your body will definitely say, “thank you”.

Book a massage treatment today

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